Happy late summer from us!  It's been a little fast and furious but we have found some time to relax and wanted to share with you what we have been up to. 

Poolside flamingo popcorn crave

Poolside flamingling :) 

Dinner at cheesecake factory Crave Popcorn

Our sweet friend, Paige's surprise birthday limo ride and dinner at Cheesecake Factory!

We took a little time to do some road trippin'.  It's important to get away and recharge.  I'm blessed to have such a great staff of employees that allow me to do that.  Here are some of my favorite moments from our annual trip to Galveston, Texas...

crave popcorn texas

I think half the fun is getting there.  Road trips are the best!

peaches cooper farms fairview texas

It's always a must to stop at Cooper Farms in Fairfield, Texas.

tomatoes texas watermelon farmers market farm fresh

Farm fresh bushels of goodness right here! 

texas beef

It's perfectly acceptable to have beef jerky, peach ice cream and fudge for lunch.  It's vacation...who cares!!!

galveston texas crave popcorn sand

Hello Galveston!  We always bring a little popcorn to share of course!

crazy crave popcorn crew

Annual 4th of July parade with this crazy crew.

kitchen chef crave popcorn texas

Our friends are so sweet to host us every year.  Marshall got Cole in the kitchen for a little chef training :)

crave popcorn girls

These girls have been friends since they were babies.  Love their hearts and their friendship.

galveston gourmet popcorn

This is one of my favorite traditions of summer.  Galveston with my people is so good for my soul!

Next stop.  Orlando.  I have to say we have never been.  We have always been a little shy about investing in that big trip for amusement parks.  But gosh... Magic Kingdom was pretty darn magical!  We only had one free day which turned out to be plenty for us.  Disney runs a very well kept park.  I was so impressed with how clean everything was and the employees were all so kind and helpful.  No wonder they've got us flocking from all over the world to experience the magic!

disney crave popcorn

Mickey's popcorn is all over the park... naturally we had to try it!

It was hot and and we were sweaty, but Meg filtered us to make us sorta instagram and snap worthy..ha!

The fireworks and light show on Cinderalla's castle were incredible...it's late after a long day but worth staying for it...cuz after all it's magical!!

A couple hours at Cocoa Beach....this is what dancers do on the beach!

jelly fish!!! yikes...

our Florida roomies :-)

meg's hip hop dance - Alice in Wonderland theme - 3rd runner up!

I get a little panicked walking through the craft stores seeing their aisles fill up with Fall and Christmas decor before summer is even over.  But then I look at the calendar and realize it's time or even past time to start planning for the fourth quarter!  Crazy, right?  But when you are in the retail business, you just have to.  So we are doing LOTS and LOTS of brainstorming and planning for you.  New flavor ideas and gift ideas for you to make gift giving and snacking easy and fun!

But first, let's get BACK TO SCHOOL!!  You may be BOO HOO-ing or WAHOO-ing about your kids going back.  Or maybe even a little bit of both!  Regardless, we want to cry and cheer with you!  So come on out to Crave on August 13th for some complimentary popcorn and mimosas.  We will high five ya and pass you a tissue if that's what ya need.  We look forward to seeing new faces as well as our regulars!  Join the event on our facebook page here !